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Buttero Ltd and APCI UK are pleased to announce an exclusive contest for all professional chefs in the UK, featuring the renowned “Testarolo della Lunigiana.”

  1. Participation
    • The contest is open to all professional chefs.
    • To participate, chefs must register via the form available on the Buttero Ltd website by September 1, 2024.
  2. Participation Kit
    • Each registered chef can collect a kit from APCI UK containing:
      • Classic Testarolo della Lunigiana – “Il Testarolo”
      • Organic Ancient Grains Testarolo della Lunigiana – “La Rita Azienda Agricola Biologica”
    • Chefs may add any ingredients of their choice to enhance the recipe.
  3. Recipe Submission
    • Chefs must create an original Italian recipe using the Testarolo.
    • The recipe must be submitted in written form with accompanying photos by October 1, 2024.
  4. Selection of Finalist Recipes
    • An internal jury will select the best recipes to advance to the final stages of the contest.
  5. Final Stages and Special Jury
    • The finalist recipes will be showcased live at a special event in a secret location in London, where they will be tasted and evaluated by a distinguished jury chaired by Giuseppe Silvestri, President of APCI UK, and composed of:
      • Damiano Barbato, F&B Manager Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura / Gucci Giardino 25
      • Andrea Tella, F&B Manager Hilton
      • Martina Natale, Founder Buttero Ltd
      • Sergio Pagani, Founder Il Testarolo
  6. Prizes
    • The top three winners will receive prestigious prizes provided by the sponsors:
      • A weekend with a food and wine tasting in Tuscany for the winner.
      • Three prestigious bottles of wine for the second place.
      • A selection of premium Tuscan olive oil for the third place.
    • An annual APCI membership for the top three winners.
  7. Recipe Judging Criteria
    • Recipes will be selected and judged based on the following criteria:
      • Creativity and Innovation: Originality of the recipe and innovative use of the Testarolo.
      • Presentation: Aesthetic appearance of the dish and quality of the submitted photos.
      • Balance of Flavors: Harmony and balance of flavors presented in the dish.
      • Technique and Skill: Demonstration of culinary skills in preparing the dish.
      • Use of Product: Enhancement of the Testarolo.
      • Adaptability: Potential of the dish to be replicated in a restaurant setting.
  8. Event Broadcast
    • Complitaly TV will handle the broadcast of the event, ensuring that all stages of the contest and the final are visible to the public through their channels.

We invite all chefs to participate in this unique contest and showcase their creativity and culinary skills with the Testarolo della Lunigiana

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