San Giovanni Novantasette – Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG Riserva

Vines: produced mainly from Sangiovese grapes
Apparence: Ruby red, dense and consistent
Aroma: Intense and persistent with floral and fruity aromas with a note of spices
Taste: Warm, soft, fruity with tannic pleasant acidity.
Pairings: Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG Riserva “San Giovanni Novantasette” is suitable for all meat dishes. It is excellent with the typical Florentine steak however, in our mind, it is best with traditional Tuscan stews such as the famous peppered meet, “Peposo”. In fact, the wine aroma blends well with the taste of the gravy, while the alcohol and tannins contrast with the fat and flavor of the meat.

Alcohol level: 14,50% Vol.
Residual sugar: 0,71 g/l
Total extract: 30,2 g/l
Total acidity: 4,95 g/l

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This wine derives only from Sangiovese grapes which are picked from a single 2 hectare vineyard.
Our intention is to obtain a well structured wine which maintains the typical fruity notes of Sangiovese grapes.
The particular terrain on which the vines are cultivated gives the grapes, and subsequently the wine, a marvelous smoothness and surprising freshness.

Soil: The soil is mixed, tending towards clay with a good presence of skeleton, averagely fertile.
Composition: produced mainly from Sangiovese grapes.
Training metod: in the vineyards we use the technique of Cordon sprun, with a density of approximately 5.000 plants per hectare.
Harvest period: The grapes are harvested by hand, usually around the 25th of September.
Fermentation and maturation: fermentation takes place in steel vats at a temperature of 28°/30° for approximately 15 days, during which time delicate pressing procedures are performed to gently extract the tannins.
Ageing: the wine is then transferred into 25 hl oak barrels for 9-12 months, transition which serves to complete the Sangiovese ageing process whilst enhancing the fruity flavor.
Alcohol level: 14,50 % Vol.  Residual sugar: 0,9 g/l Total extract: 30,02 g/l  Total acidity: 5,00 g/l
Color: Rich ruby red, thick and full bodied.
Aroma: intense and long lasting, fruity and floral with a clear hint of spice.
Taste: warm, smooth, fruity, acidity and tannins pleasantly combined.
Comments: Well balanced wine, best after 4/6 years from harvesting.
Pairings: this wine is well suited to all meat dishes . Excellent with the typical Florentine T-bone steak and with red or grilled meat , but even better served with casseroles and braised meats, such as “peposo” or “stracotto”, in fact, the aromatic quality of the wine goes well with aromatic cooking sauces, while the alcohol and tannin contrast well with the richness and the strong flavour of meat.

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