Rosso All’Antica – Reggiano Lambrusco Doc

Experience the allure of our Reggiano Lambrusco Doc, a sparkling dry red wine crafted with ancient traditions and modern techniques.
With its full-bodied ruby red character, it pairs perfectly with cured meats, roasts, and more.

Serving temperature: 14-16°C.

Alcohol by volume 11,5%.


Indulge in the excellence of our Reggiano Lambrusco Doc, a remarkable sparkling dry red wine that harmoniously combines time-honored traditions with modern winemaking techniques. Handpicked from the finest ruby-colored Lambrusco grapes, this selection undergoes a meticulous and deliberate vinification process.

With its captivating full ruby red hue, Rosso all’Antica boasts a robust and winey character, enhanced by the classic liveliness typical of Lambrusco wines.
Its full-bodied nature perfectly complements the vibrant freshness, resulting in a truly exceptional tasting experience.

Alfredo Bertolani Reggiano Lambrusco Doc, a sparkling dry red wine, pairs flawlessly with the rich flavors of Emilia cuisine, making it an ideal companion for cured meats, roasts, and game dishes. Its well-balanced body and harmonious profile also make it a versatile choice for more intricate culinary creations, including braised and grilled meats.

Immerse yourself in the excellence of our Reggiano Lambrusco Doc, a sparkling dry red wine that encapsulates the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Elevate your dining experience with this remarkable selection, meticulously crafted to bring out the best in every sip.

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