Pecorino Toscano DOP stagionato / aged


Why Choose Pecorino Toscano DOP:

  • Tuscan dairy tradition: Bring the authentic flavor of Tuscan cuisine to the table.
  • DOP certification: Guarantee of authenticity and respect for traditions.
  • Safe and Convenient Online Purchase: Receive Pecorino Toscano directly to your home, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

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The aged Pecorino Toscano PDO is an Italian cheese made with sheep’s milk predominantly produced in Tuscany, which has been awarded the Protected Designation of Origin.

“Pecorino” is a generic term and can be used to refer to any cheese made with sheep’s milk. In Italy, there is indeed a wide variety of pecorinos, each characteristic of specific areas or certain sheep breeds.

In Tuscany and further south, Pecorino is commonly referred to as “cacio”.

The earliest historical references to Pecorino date back to the Roman era, particularly in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History, where the production of cheese in the Luni area, known as Lunigiana today, is first described. In the 1400s, Pecorino was called “cacio marzolino” due to its production period from March and throughout spring.

Some accounts describe it as one of the most appreciated cheeses at the banquets of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

The regulations specify all stages of production; from the milking of the milk, which must be exclusively from sheep and sourced from the designated areas (Tuscany, and some neighbouring municipalities in Lazio and Liguria) to the aging process.

Aged Pecorino Toscano is a cheese with a minimum maturation period of 120 days but can extend up to a year.

Only veal rennet is used, and the salting process lasts only one day.

With its cylindrical shape, thin yellow crust encasing an irresistible pale straw-coloured paste, and its fragrant, intense, and slightly spicy taste, it’s a product that absolutely must be tried.

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