Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse DOP – over 40 months

After 35 months, the flavour of Parmigiano Reggiano becomes increasingly robust: within its opulent medley of aromas, one can discern hints of spices and toasted nuances. A subtle spiciness may emerge. The texture is granular and exceptionally brittle, with flakes that have a tendency to break into smaller pieces. The paste possesses an intense yellow hue that transforms into amber, with clearly visible white crystals of tyrosine.

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Produced with Red Cows milk of the Reggiana breed fed exclusively with grass, hay and certified no GMO cereals, with the absolute prohibition of any food technique that serves to force production, for the utmost attention to animal welfare. The Parmigiano Reggiano of this seasoning can be paired with a Franciacorta Blanc de Blancs or with a structured Ripasso della Valpolicella. Indispensable in combination with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia, Gold Label, wildflower honey or in salads with fresh porcini mushrooms.

The Birth of the Red Cows Consortium

In the early nineties, a group of breeders contemplated a return to the traditional method of producing Parmigiano Reggiano cheese using the milk of the ancient Reggiana breed. The idea, originating from discussions among breeders, agricultural, and scientific figures at both local and national levels, materialized in 1991 with the initiation of an enhancement program. This collaborative effort involved the Animal Production Research Center of Reggio Emilia and received financial support from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Overcoming Challenges in Processing Red Cows’ Milk

By consolidating the milk from various Reggiana breeders into a single dairy and processing it separately from other breeds, a significant hurdle in the recent history of the Red Cows was overcome. This challenge was posed by the dispersion of few farms in the area and the limited number of remaining animals, hindering the processing of red animals’ milk in its pure form.

In 1991, the initial group of breeders established the Consortium for the Enhancement of the Products of the Ancient Reggio Emilia Breed, abbreviated as C.V.P.A.R.R. This consortium was tasked with overseeing the enhancement program and coordinating its activities effectively.

The enhancement program spanned two years, and its success led to the independent continuation of separate processes in the subsequent years by the C.V.P.A.R.R., which eventually adopted the new name Consorzio Vacche Rosse. The logical culmination of the enhancement program was the branding of the wheels with the logo of the National Association of Reggiana Cattle Breeders on both sides.

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