Murtas – IGT Toscana Rosso Super Tuscan

Vines: Produced mainly from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Colorino grapes.
Apparence: Ruby red, dense and consistent with violet hue reflections
Aroma: Intense and persistent with hints of pepper, tobacco and coffee but also fruity with notes of herbs and flowers.
Taste: Warm, soft and fruity with elegant tannins, finishing off with a hint of toasted flavor.
Serving suggestions: A great wine best when combined with many second courses such as wild boar, bittersweet hare, roasts and of course the Florentine steak.
The tannins contrasts the succulence of the meat while the alcohol cleans the pallet and washes down the fatty flavor.

Alcohol level: 14,50 % Vol.
Residual sugar: 1,7 g/l
Total extract: 31 g/l
Total acidity: 5,5 g/l

organic - biologico


Murtas Terzuoli has always been the cellar master of the Fattoria San Michele, giving his name to the most prestigious wines of the company, like our Super Tuscan Murtas.

The evidence of hard work, not only from Murtas Terzuoli, but from everyone who works on the property is apparent in all of our products.
There is a guarantee that each and every product has been cared for in a meticulous manner by many many people.
Without their incredible hard work, the Fattoria wouldn’t be able to maintain its distinguished excellence.

The Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the Vigna Nuova di Buonriposo, the Sangiovese is a selection coming from the best vines on the Fattoria and the Colorino is a clone that the company found from an old vine in which they salvaged. This becomes a wine of tremendous structure, a wine that can be consumed at a young age but is still best after aging 5/7 years.

The tannins add more softness by polymerizing and leaving the wine with all of its force. In fact it maintains its freshness even after many years, demonstrating rich aromas and maintaining a color full of life. It is a wonderful surprise for those who do not know this wine already.

Vines: The grapes used are Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Colorino.
Soil: The soil is semi soft with tendencies of clay. There is a large amount of bones present which makes the terrain, on average, relatively fertile.
Training: The training method used is sapling, with planting density 7,000 vines / hectare.
Harvest: The grapes are left on the plant until they are slightly overripe, then the individual grapes are harvested and fermented.
Soaking and fermentation: The grapes become softer daily optimally extracting polyphenols from the skin. The fermentation process takes about 25 days.
Aging: The Sangiovese are transferred into 25hl oak barrels while the Colorino and the Cabernet Sauvignon are put in barriques. The wine remains in the wood for 18 months. The union of these 3 wines are combined some time before the bottling in order for them to amalgamate. The proportions are usually 40% Sangiovese and Cabernet while the remaining 20% is Colorino. However, this of course may vary according to the characteristics of every single grape. After the wine is bottled we prefer to wait at least 6 months to sell the wine.
Appearance: Red Ruby color dense with soft violet hue reflections.
Aroma: Intense persistent notes of tobacco and coffee, while also fruity with floral nuances.
Taste: Warm, soft, fruity with elegant tannins, hints of toast to finish.
Considerations: Murtas IGT is a balanced wine that is best opened within 5/7 years after harvest.
Pairings: Super Tuscan Murtas as a great wine best when combined with many second courses such as wild boar, bittersweet hare, roasts and of course the Florentine Steak. The tannins contrast the succulence of the meat while the alcohol cleans the pallet and wash down the fatty flavor.

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