Ham Prosciutto di Cinta Senese DOP


Aged 24 months.

About 8Kg.

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The Cinta Senese, an ancient rustic pig breed, derives its name from the Sienese hills, its place of origin. Presumably bred even in Roman times, this breed stands out with its dark coat and a distinctive white band that elegantly encircles the withers, chest, shoulders, and front legs, from which it draws its name.

Cinta Senese piglets thrive in the natural beauty of their surroundings, grazing freely on their ideal terrain throughout the day. Raised with care and passion, these pigs roam in wild integral pasture or semi-wild farm breeding. Tuscany’s typical Mediterranean scrub vegetation provides an abundance of their favourite natural foods, including oaks, chestnut trees, holm oaks, Turkey oaks, strawberry trees, juniper, wild fennel, olives, and more.

Cinta Senese meats are distinguished by excellent organoleptic qualities:

  • Succulent meat: It is redder and more flavourful compared to other pork varieties.
  • Dietary benefits: Higher concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids, particularly Omega 3 (linked to reduced blood fats) and Omega 6 (with anti-thrombosis properties), contribute to healthier meats.
  • Lard richness: Cinta’s lard is richer in oleic acid (known to counteract cholesterol) and polyunsaturated fatty acids compared to traditional varieties.
  • Pinkish fat: The fat’s pink hue, softer consistency, and increased fluidity make it more pleasing to the palate.
  • Enhanced fluidity: Greater unsaturation leads to improved fluidity, facilitating the rapid diffusion of aromas in cold cuts, ensuring excellent aromatic characteristics.
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