Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Coratina


Cultivar: Coratina
Country: Italy
Region: Puglia
Filter: Filtered
Collection: Meccanic
Color: Intense golden yellow with light green shade
Parfume: Full and enveloping rich in hints of fresh grass and leaf
Flavour: On the palate it has a wide vegetable charge, with nuances of artichoke and wild thistle, chicory and lettuce. Bitter and spicy



Our organic extra virgin olive oil, derived from the esteemed Coratina cultivar, proudly bears certifications from BioAgriCert and D.O.P “Terra di Bari.” This ensures not just quality but an unparalleled culinary experience.
Sourced from the sun-soaked groves of Italy, our organic extra virgin olive oil is a celebration of authenticity and craftsmanship. Its distinct profile is attributed to the Coratina cultivar, a testament to the rich heritage of olive cultivation in the region.

Bitter Elegance: exploring the unique flavors of Coratina cultivar

Our olive oil boasts a slightly bitter taste, courtesy of the elevated oleuropein content, the primary polyphenol found in olive leaves and fruits. This bitterness is a mark of authenticity, reflecting the robust character of the Coratina cultivar. The aroma is a sensory delight, offering a full and rotund experience. Discover fragrant hints of mint and rosemary, complemented by notes of almond, cinnamon, and black pepper.

The flavor profile is a rich tapestry of vegetal notes, featuring distinct flavors of artichoke, wild thistle, chicory, and lettuce. Powerful bitterness and a distinct pungency make it an ideal companion for a diverse array of dishes.

Experience Italy at your table: order your italian extra virgin olive oil now

Explore the culinary versatility of our Coratina olive oil. Ideal for enhancing the flavors of bruschetta with tomatoes, artichoke salad, marinated tuna, roast radicchio, bean soup, pasta with sausages, baked red meat, and mature cheese.

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