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Discover the unparalleled excellence of our organic Italian extra virgin olive oil, crafted from a blend of the finest Tuscan olive varieties: Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Pendolino. Our meticulous process begins with hand-harvested olives, carefully defoliated and stabilized in refrigerated storage directly in the field. This unique step prevents fermentation in the crates during collection.

Our olives are cold-pressed within 12 hours of harvest using a two-phase mill at low temperatures. Immediate filtration follows to prevent pulp fermentation and the formation of sediment. The oil is then stored in argon-sealed silos, a method that preserves its superior quality by preventing oxidation. The controlled temperature environment at 16 degrees Celsius and protection from direct sunlight ensure the oil’s freshness and integrity.

This high-quality product is featured in the Slow Food Guide of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils and has received prestigious awards, including the Gold Award for Quality at the JOOP in Tokyo and the Silver Award for Design, also in Tokyo.

Our commitment to quality means we bottle our Tuscan extra virgin olive oil only at the point of sale, ensuring you receive the freshest oil possible. Protecting the oil from its greatest enemies—temperature, direct sunlight, and oxygen—guarantees an exquisite taste and exceptional health benefits. Enjoy the rich, authentic flavour of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, a testament to our dedication to excellence in every drop.

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500ml, 700ml

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