Cialde di Montecatini 420g – Italian Wafers


Beautiful Liberty metal box of 10 wafers, finely decorated with the Montecatini coat of arms, a proud symbol of the uniqueness of the product and the love and attachment to it’s origins. Do not contain fat, preservatives, chemical additives. Completely natural!

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Italian Wafer: Exploring Cialde di Montecatini

The ‘Cialda di Montecatini’ is a culinary masterpiece with its roots tracing back to a traditional Nordic wafer. This delectable treat stands out as a simple, yet irresistibly tasty and light biscuit, crafted with the utmost care using high-quality natural ingredients. The harmonious blend includes premium wheat flour 00, velvety full cream milk, farm-fresh eggs, sugar, and almonds sourced from the sun-kissed Puglia region.

The production process involves the layering of two wafer sheets, creating the perfect canvas for an inimitable filling of almonds and sugar. This artisanal touch results in a biscuit that is not merely a confection but an experience – light, friable, energetic, and easily digested. Each bite is showcasing the rich essence of the Puglian almonds and the wholesome goodness of the natural ingredients.

How to pare Cialde di Montecatini

Pair it with a glass of fine wine to elevate the tasting experience or savor it alongside a cup of fragrant tea and luxurious chocolate. The ‘Cialda di Montecatini’ becomes a delightful addition to the world of culinary creativity when served with ice cream, adding a textural contrast to the velvety sweetness. For those seeking a refined treat, this biscuit complements delicate mousses, enhancing the overall dessert experience with its distinct character.

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