Cardisco – Sangiovese di Toscana IGT 2008

Organoleptic characteristics
Grape: 100% Sangiovese.
Alcohol: 13.5-14% Vol.
Color: Ruby Red With Hints of Garnet
Aroma: Intense and Fruity with Delicate Overtones of Vanilla and Spice
Taste: Flavorsome, Tannic, Warm-Bodied, Soft, Balanced, Intense, Persistent
Food pairings:
Braised red meat, grilled steak or wild game, including deer, venison and hare, very nice with some aged cheese.


Since it exclusively contains delicate Sangiovese grapes, Cardisco is the truest test of our craftsmen’s artful touch.
In fact, they spent decads experimenting with over 500 micro-fermentations to perfectly tailor our process to the soil and climate within our vineyard. Furthermore, while similar wines settle for a three-year maturation, we wait an extra year because patience is a virtue that yelds delicious depth.
The young wine is aged for two years in steel containers, where it is decanted three times.

Then, Cardisco receives its signature woody notes by maturing in a combination of American and French Oak for full 24 months prior to release.
The result is a full-bodied, world-class wine that is so well crafted, it could last 20 years or more-but who can resist its siren song for that long?

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