Cantucci Biscuits – Almond 300g


Cantucci or cantuccini, typical almond biscuits, are crunchy and delicious. Traditionally, they are served with the typical Tuscan Vinsanto.

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The Art of Cantucci

The Cantucci or Cantuccini, typical almond biscuits hailing from Tuscany, Italy, are renowned for their irresistible combination of crunchiness and deliciousness. These delectable treats have a rich history dating back centuries, making them a cherished part of Italian culinary heritage.

Crafted with a careful blend of high-quality ingredients, Cantucci feature a generous amount of almonds that contribute to their distinctive nutty flavor and satisfying texture. The dough is prepared with precision, ensuring the perfect balance of sweetness without overwhelming the almond essence. The artful baking process results in a golden-brown hue that enhances both the visual appeal and aroma of these delectable biscuits.

Tradition in a Glass: The Vin Santo Affair

Traditionally, Cantucci are enjoyed in a unique manner—dipped into Vin Santo, a sweet dessert wine native to the Tuscany region. This delightful pairing transforms the experience, as the crispiness of the biscuit contrasts harmoniously with the velvety sweetness of the wine. The ritual of dipping Cantucci into Vin Santo has become a symbol of conviviality and shared moments among family and friends.

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