Black Autumn Truffle – Tuber Uncinatum


This Truffle is very similar to the Summer Truffle, so much so that according to several scholars, it is actually an autumnal variety of this truffle. The differences, not always easy to tell, are related to the truffle’s appearance (peridium, gleba, shape and size), to the aroma, and especially to the later ripening period.



Availability: September to January (dependent on weather)

The Black Autumn Truffle boasts a dark brown to tan veined interior and is renowned across Europe for its mild and delicate flavour, featuring hazelnut notes and a light aroma. This autumn truffle performs well at higher cooking temperatures, making it an excellent complement to your favourite wild mushroom dishes, pasta, risotto, gnocchi, and creamy sauces.

How to use: Shave uniform and thin slices of truffle onto your preferred dishes. You can also make aromatise butter with grated truffle, which you can use to dress the pasta.

How to store fresh truffles: Always store your truffle in the refrigerator. You can either wrap it in a paper towel (changing the paper towel daily), or you can store it in an airtight container in rice, which you can later use to cook risotto!

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50g, 100g, 150g

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